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About Us

About Almoaz for printing and designs

We are (Al-Moaz Company for Printing, Designs and Marketing) working in the field of offset printing for fifteen years .. Paper prints with the latest machines .. Comprehensive design from the beginning of the idea to its implementation .. Electronic marketing and systematic advertising plans with a study of the market with the latest international technologies.


Since 2005

Our Goal

Success .. Printing is our art .. Be sure that we are always behind you .. We wait with you moments of success .. We strive to maintain accuracy and complete the tasks in the least time .. We are distinguished by accuracy and go with the times with design and technical direction .. We use the latest fields of printing and global machines.


We have the latest printing solutions .. Our mission is to deliver your prints as soon as possible with the latest technology at the lowest possible price. We have a lot of experience in the field of printing, which we gained over years of work with major companies and organizations


After our success in the field of printing and designs, we have introduced the latest electronic marketing mechanisms with professional engineers who do a comprehensive analysis of the labor market and the target group of customers by your company and how to reach them, analyze the marketing situation of your competing companies, and develop plans with specific goals and deadlines that will benefit you.

The Design

Design is the backbone of marketing for any product or company. Our company offers you the best innovative designs and transforms your ideas into tangible designs to communicate with customers and attract their attention to the design idea and its distinctive colors.

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